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Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Institute of Cardiology, Quetta

The first of its kind hospital in Quetta



Angiography, Angioplasty, CABG & ASD have been performed

Cath Lab & Operation Theater is
Functional Now

Procedures Started from
11th Nov, 2022

The OPD is free for the people of Balochistan and diagnostics will be done on discount basis iniatially.

SMBZAN ICQ is open since on 27th May 2022

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State of the Art Diagnostics

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The Department of Cardiology & Radiology provide the services that matches the best hospitals of the country.

No. of Patient Treated

No. of Investigations

No. of Daignostics

Medicines Provided to Patients

Healthy Diet

Cardiac diseases can be avoided if one monitors their diet, weight and improves over all quality of life. Incorporating right amounts of fruits, vegetables, proteins (I.e, lean cut meat, beans, fish and lentils), carbohydrates and fluids in diet is very crucial for maintaining a healthy heart.

Stop Smoking

Smoking increases the workload of your heart and decreases the amount of oxygen that can be carried in your blood. Giving up smoking is the single most important thing that you can do to help to protect your heart and improve your symptoms.

Controlling your Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure can put a strain on your heart. High blood pressure may have contributed to your heart failure. Taking your prescribed medicines will help to control your blood pressure, as will cutting down on salt and alcohol. Eating healthy, healthy weight and keeping active will also help.





OPD is fully computerized and linked with HMIS system of the hospital. Hospital OPD will provide the MR-Card for every Patient.


The department of radiology offers services to the needs of in patient, out patient by providing the best possible and modern diagnostic facilities.


The emergency department of SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology is a state of art facility, first of its kind in the civil sector in Balochistan.


Pathology Department is equipped fully automated equipment and provides investigation services in general with specialization in Cardiac Diseases.


The unit is managed by a team of highly qualified doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and technicians, is available round the clock.

Our Services

Cardiac Diagnostics

Cardiac diagnostics, ECG (3,12 Channel) & Medicine available.


Digital Echo ( Color ), Portable Echo is available in the Institute.


Exercise Tolerance Testing

( B&W ) is available in SMBZAN ICQ.

Cardiac Emergency

Emergency equipped with the state of the art equipment’s.

Holter Monitor Ambulatory

Holter Monitor Ambulatory is available with Recorder.


X-Ray, C-ARM Machine & Mobile X-Ray for emergency services.

Ultra Sound

Ultra Sound Color Doppler is Available at SMBZAN ICQ.

24/7 Services

24/7 services available, 7 days a week.

Our Mission

“At SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology, we are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients and are guided by the principles of equity, transparency and merit in all our activities. We strive towards continual quality improvement and compliance with all applicable standards”.

  •  To improve knowledge and behaviour of comunity
  • To provide quality clinical care which is affordable.
  • To initiate a multidisciplinary cardiao vascular training programme.
Mr. Qudoos Bizenjo

Mr. Qudoos Bizenjo

Chief Minister Balochistan

It is my joy and privilege to bring warm greetings from Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al-Nayan Institute of Cardiology, Quetta to the people of Balochistan.

We have OPD and emergency service running round the clock. We have the best Cardiovascular Department in Balochistan, and services will be expended in upcoming months, starting from Cardiac Catheterisation Lab doing all forms of intervention like Angioplasty, Angioplasty and Surgery. Our Cath Lab will perform primary PTCA aswell.


Our Doctors


Dr Fazal Ur Rehman Panezai

Cardiac Surgery

Doctor Iqbal Alam Khan


Doctor Ghulam Sarwar Pirkani


Doctor Nasrullah Baloch

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