Pathology at


Pathology Department is equipped with state of art, fully automated equipment and provides high quality diagnostic services in general with specialization in screening for Cardiac Diseases. The role of Clinical Laboratories is well recognized for providing outstanding and comprehensive care to the patients. The breadth and depth of services provided by SMBZAN lab are among the best in the public sector hospitals of province. SMBZAN ICQ laboratory comprises of hematology, blood banking, Biochemistry, microbiology, Immunology, ELISA & PCR. It employs latest technology and computerization, leading to quick turnaround time, and is supported by Quality Assurance (Internal & External), thus ensuring reliability and confidence of results. All the services are provided at competitive rates to the out patients, while the emergency services are totally free. Our professional staff is committed to provide high quality, efficient, reliable services, and meaningful interpretation of test results. SMBZAN Institute of Cardiology laboratory appreciates itself on its rapid turnaround time-with most routine results being issued within few hours of sample receipt, rapid results are important for prompt diagnosis and management of cardiac patients. The Pathology lab at SMBZAN is offering more than 150 parameters to facilitate the patient diagnosis. The only aim of all these efforts is to facilitate early diagnosis and quick management of patients.